Why Litigate When You Can Mediate?

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Mediation is a form of dispute resolution in which two or more people or entities involved in a dispute meet with an independent, neutral third-party who helps them negotiate a resolution.  In Florida, almost every civil case filed in court will be ordered to mediation at some point before trial. An increasing number of people have recognized the benefits of early or pre-suit mediation which allows parties to save the significant time and expense of litigation, keep a dispute and its resolution confidential, and save beneficial relationships between parties.

Mark Van Valkenburgh is certified to mediate Florida Circuit Court cases and federal cases in the Middle and Southern Districts of Florida. He has been involved in hundreds of mediations and mediates disputes involving numerous areas of the law including employment, commercial/business, civil rights, contracts, non-competes and trade secrets, landlord/tenant, first party property, real estate, and probate matters. Mr. Van Valkenburgh is always prepared and mediates with patience and persistence. Although a mediator is not permitted to provide legal advice, Mr. Van Valkenburgh excels at developing strong rapport with all types of people which enables him to effectively challenge them to consider facts and legal principles they may not have thought of or may have discounted or disregarded too quickly.

Since the arrival of COVID-19, many mediations have been held online. Mr. Van Valkenburgh currently mediates on Zoom and Cisco Webex platforms but also remains available for in-person mediations if the parties agree. In order to schedule your mediation call Mark L. Van Valkenburgh, PLLC at (407) 761-6399.

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